The Kusuma Trust Gibraltar was founded in 2007 by Dr Soma Pujari and her husband Anurag Dikshit to organise the family’s charitable giving.

Kusuma Trust Gibraltar was the first of the funding trusts established and initially funded all Kusuma projects apart from the personal donations. This now focuses solely on funding the activities in Gibraltar.

Meanwhile Kusuma Trust UK was set up as an efficient base for international charity projects. All funding of projects for India and non- Gibraltar projects is administered from the UK which will become Kusuma’s seat for strategic thinking and the centre of the organisation.

The trust places importance on continuous evaluation of its projects.

It is supported by a group of knowledgeable advisor’s who have helped us every step on the way by asking the right questions.

For more information on the non-Gibraltar work:

Kusuma Trust Gibraltar is a registered charity in Gibraltar [Registration Number: 196] and is as such subject to the control of the Gibraltar Charities Commission. Our objective is that activities chosen here will support the community and reflect local requirements.

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