The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park (AWCP), Gibraltar’s only zoo, has recently been awarded provisional Membership of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA).

The Kusuma Trust provided support towards this accreditation of the AWCP in 2015.  This helped to fund the initial inspection in January 2016 by BIAZA’s Nic Dunn (Director, Shaldon Wildlife Trust) and Stewart Muir (Director of Living Collections, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust), who assessed the park and made recommendations.

The AWCP is now officially one of the smallest zoos in BIAZA and is mentored by the smallest member: Shaldon Zoo in Devon. Its Director Nic Dunn assisted throughout the initial application and will continue to mentor the AWCP during the provisional period.

the AWCP will continue to fulfil its role in the community, with sections summarising policy towards park development and exhibits, animal collections, education and sustainability.

The AWCP is an integral part of the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and BIAZA accreditation will benefit the entire gardens and staff.  For example, it provides access to groups such as the Plant Working Group, which is increasingly important within BIAZA.  Plant collections, education and conservation are high in the working group’s priorities and these are some of the Alameda’s strengths.  BIAZA’s emphasis on biodiversity and wild spaces are also consonant with the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens’ wider role and the Alameda is looking forward to contributing positively towards these.