Congratulations to all those students who passed their British Sign Language (BSL) Level 2 Certificates. First supported by Gibraltar in October 2011 the group have gone on to produce 54 BSL level 1 standard certificate holders and 10 of these have gone on to pass their Level 2 certificates. The Gibraltar hearing Impaired and Tinnitus Association (GHITA) strive to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by people with hearing impairments in day-to day living and to promote and encourage the use of British Sign Language in Gibraltar. Previous to October 2011 there had been no BSL taught on the Rock, with Kusuma’s participation the GHITA have been able to organise classes and promote the use of sign language in the hope that we will give our community of hearing impaired the independence and the opportunity to be included into the community. BSL students with teacher Colin Thomson The Kusuma Trust Gibraltar are happy to announce that they will continue to support the GHITA with their BSL initiatives for 2014 where they will be continuing with BSL Level 1 classes. For more information please go to the GHITA website