The Cambridge Maths Outreach team for the second year running will be conducting a series of workshops in Bayside and Westside School which will involve students tackling problem solving in situations where mathematics can be applied.

 One of the most popular parts of the outreach programme  is THE ENIGMA PROJECT where the team do a presentation of the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking including a demonstration of a genuine World War II enigma machine. Later the students are able to become code breakers themselves being thrust into the exotic world of Cryptography.
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The team will also be delivering three other workshops designed to help students apply mathematical thinking and communication processes in a range of situations.

Our young students are not the only ones who will have their analytical and mathematical skills put to the test 2013 will also see the introduction of a session dedicated to Westside and Bayside teachers to get their mathematical inspirational and problem solving into over drive. We hope that they will find it as inspiring as their students.