This week we have been celebrating Excellence with students past and present and members of the community who have received funding to pursue training.
We were extremely pleased to celebrate the success of Daya Dewfall a recipient of a Professional Development award, who achieved the degree of Master of Science with Merit in Allergy . It was fantastic to see how people were progressing in their studies and the impact the course had been to them and to the community.
Excellence Scholarships are given out annually to students who are decided to be deserving of such a unique award. It is not only based upon academic merit but is dependent on them applying to a eligible University and demonstrates a commitment to self development and a desire to contribute to the Gibraltar community.

As well as the Kusuma Excellence Scholarships, The Kusuma Trust also provide financial support to those in the community who would like to strive to be better at what they are already participating in, this could be people working in  a specific industry which requires further training or as part of a community group who would like to further their knowledge in a particular area.

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