A big thank you from Kusuma to all the charities who came to the Kusuma Trust Charity Tea Party at Saints Cafe. The afternoon was an incredible success, seeing many from the charitable sector discussing key topics.
Joey Garcia Partner of Isolas and Trustee of The Kusuma Trust opened the event and thanked Minister Samantha Sacramento and Minister John Cortes for attending the tea party and being so helpful and supportive of local charities. He said it was important for the charity sector to strive to be the best and offer the best service it could and hoped that the training and support that Kusuma offered helped with this goal. Minister Samantha Sacramento presented Jo Abergel representing CHILDLINE, for having completed a Coaching and Mentoring training course with the Directory of Social Change. Kusuma offered this award last year to local charities,the award comprised of 6 skype sessions and one half day bespoke training session with DSC. CHILDLINE applied and won this award last May and then went on to complete the course. Jo Abergel spoke of the positive way the coaching had made to CHILDLINE and hoped that other charities would take the same opportunity.
Minister John Cortes ended the speeches by speaking passionately of the fantastic work being done in the charity sector and encouraged charities to “keep up the pressure” with local agencies and authorities. The Kusuma Charity Tea party aims to connect government and the local charity sector and encourage utilizing resources and working together to achieve excellence in the charitable sector.

The tea party was preceded by three days of training and coaching sessions with trainer Cathy Shimmin from Directory of Social Change, who spent three days working with different groups and organisations. Feedback from all groups were extremely positive.

If you work with a local charity and are interested in the Coaching and Mentoring Award please contact us at info@kusumatrust.gi for more information