To coincide with this years Gibraltar Careers Fair organised by the Department of Education, Kusuma Trust Gibraltar sponsored three university representatives and a representative from Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) to come and speak to sixth formers from Bayside and Westside Schools.

The Excellence talks are in their fourth year with representatives from the top UK universities.  Imperial University, The University of Oxford and The University of St Andrews were this years participating universities. They delivered a series of talks aimed at encouraging students to aim for excellence and to help them understand the application process of higher education in the UK.

VSO was a  welcomed addition to the talks, promoting volunteering and giving information to students on GAP year opportunities. Susie representative for VSO also discussed the current scheme available for 18-25 year olds from Gibraltar called ICS which is fully funded by the Kusuma Trust.

Sarah Dallas-Ross from St Andrews lecture was particular insightful into the educational system in Scotland which differs slightly from the rest of the UK. This was the first time St Andrews has had a representative come to Gibraltar.

Albert Isola trustee of the Kusuma Trust also gave a short talk explaining the Excellence Scholarships on offer to students,  in order to  “help students achieve excellence” the trust offers the opportunity for students to compete for a number of discretionary scholarships to encourage young people to study medicine, technology and business related subjects at top universities.

This drive for excellence was highlighted at the talks when Kusuma gave an award to Sophia Lombard, a Westside student who scored the highest information Computer Technology mark in the whole of Europe.

Sophia Lombard presented with her prize by Trustee Albert Isola from the Kusuma Trust Sophia was presented by Albert Isola with a Galaxy Note as a token of acknowledgement for her success.

Applications for the next academic year 2013/14 will commence on May 1st 2013.