Next week see’s the 6th annual visit from the British Science Museum, funded by Kusuma Trust Gibraltar.  From the 21st-25th November the Science Museum team will be delivering workshops and shows to all of Gibraltars Key stage 2 and 3 students at Inces Hall and onsite at both Westside and Bayside School.

This years theme centres around the human digestive system and the material world. ‘It takes guts’ allows students to witness a dynamic and gross show looking at food groups, balanced diets and digestion by following the journey of food through the human body. ‘Material World’ dives into the weird and wonderful world of material in which no jelly baby, Barbie Doll or paint tin is safe!

We are hoping these shows will both amaze and inspire our young students, and hopefully even manage to spur on the next generation of young scientists to join the ranks of those who are ‘making the impossible….possible’