The Kusuma Trust Sports Hall is now being enjoyed by Loreto Convent students as from the beginning of this term. Kusuma Trust Gibraltar recently visited the school and were given the guided tour of the new addition to the premises. The hall offers a fantastic place for sporting activities with a vast court both indoors and outdoors, and the school plan to house any presentations and theatrical/musical productions in the same space. The lower level of the hall houses three new purpose built classrooms for the Loreto pre-school and nursery pupils, along with 3 further classrooms within the building. The addition of the ‘living walls’ either end of the structure give way to what will no doubt become a much loved gardening area to be used by older students.

The intention is that these state of the art facilities will be open for use by other local public, charitable or social groups during out of school hours or during school holidays, thereby providing what we hope will be a greater community benefit for Gibraltar.