The Kusuma Trust Gibraltar is pleased to announce that the charity has made the decision to donate £9,260 to support the local youth campaign for the United Kingdom and Gibraltar to remain in the European Union (EU).

The sum has been Donated to the Young Gibraltar Remain campaign in support of their efforts to maximise the vote locally and promote a Remain vote.

The decision was made in view of the importance of the vote for Gibraltar, and the interests of the community in remaining in the EU being directly aligned to the objects of Kusuma. There has been broad consensus on the Rock on the importance of Gibraltar staying in the EU and the importance of this decision to young people and future generations, and the initiative

Given the unity expressed by civil society, key organisations and the political parties in Gibraltar, and the critical importance of the vote in Gibraltar, Kusuma has decided to support the initiative and takes the view that this is an issue of vital importance to every member of the community.