The MAD Gib Tribe have started their adventure to Ghana spending 4 weeks undertaking volunteer work to complete a school for the coastal community of Marinatha. Volunteering, fundraising and travelling are initiatives close to the Kusuma Trust, we have encouraged volunteering through the University talks in schools that we organised each year and by having close ties with VSO for those Gibraltarians wishing to volunteer abroad.
We think projects such as these are wonderful and to ensure this gets the attention it deserves, The Kusuma Trust have funded a documentary on this years groups of volunteers.
The show which will be shown on GBC in September,will provide an insight into another culture and way of life and the life of a volunteer. We hope that this will encourage the community to volunteer internationally and at home.
The Kusuma Trust would like to wish the MAD Tribe lots of success ! Well done !

To find out more or to donate to this project please go directly MAD GIB TRIBE

Thank you to Cathy Lopez for the use of image.