Kusuma tries to support local charities in many different ways, sometimes the best way to help anyone is to give them them the tools to help themselves.  Nisia Hanson a Philanthropy Officer for The Boys and Girls Club, Rhode Island, USA came to Gibraltar to talk to local charities about the art of telling your story to a wider audience in order for  people to connect to your organisation. Over 60 people attended the talk from more than 12 different charities in Gibraltar. The event was organised by Kusuma is an ongoing commitment to charities in the local sector to give them training in the necessary areas, motivate the people involved and help support people in the sector who are already doing a fantastic job. Telling the right stories about your organisation helps people to understand the amazing services being undertaken by the charity sector. After the talk given by Nisia, one charity that same night went straight on to their social media to share a story to their ‘audience’ taking the skills Nisia had handed them. The story was shared on facebook 95 times, from this post 3 people contacted them to ask how they could become volunteers and over 300 facebook users ‘liked’ this post.

Training sessions like these are not only inspiring, thought provoking and worthwhile networking opportunity, they also make a real impact to your organisation. If you or your organisation would like to hear about our charity training sessions please email us on info@kusumatrust.gi to be put on our mailing list.