The second Gibraltar Philanthropy Forum Conference took place at Garrison Library with guest speaker Terry Waite. The forum seeks  to promote philanthropy and the discussions of its key issues and challenges. This years guest speaker was Humanitarian Terry Waite who gave an inspiring and motivational talk on his experiences with his charity Hostage UK as well as his own hostage experience between 1987-1991 where he was held in solitary confinement. He continues to promote peace and change through forgiveness and negotiation “People are not totally powerless to bring about change, they have more power and ability to bring about change than they realise”. Terry Waite set an inspiring tone to the start of the conference, which comprised of panel discussions on ‘Increasing the Impact of Philanthropy’ and ‘ Current Trends’ with representatives of The Charity Aid Foundation, Action Aid, Educational Endowment Foundation, Philanthropy Impact and The Philanthropy Workshop.

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