Kusuma is delighted to have been able to support a handwriting workshop for children on the Rock, the first of its kind. Handwriting is a crucial skill for both adults and children and the programme is now being adopted by schools in the UK and forms part of the curriculum. The workshops brought together parents, therapist and teachers and concentrated on the theory behind the think write programme so that the skills could then be passed on to the children in their care. Workshop organiser Stacy Kalter and Christiane Williamson fa both who have previously been awarded Kusuma Professional development awards, came to the trust to ask for funding in this area which can also be used as a remedial therapeutic tool with children with a variety of difficulties from Autism to specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. We are very grateful to Shelly Birkett-Eyles from Hemispheres Occupational Therapy Service UK for delivering the programme.