We are a grant-making organisation that supports education projects, community programmes and the work of local charitable organisations benefiting those who work and live in Gibraltar.

Our education programmes promote excellence and aim to give students the best chance to expand their knowledge and gain new experiences outside of the classroom. In partnership with organisations who have similar aims to us we have supported themed education weeks focusing on Science, Maths and Computing. The weeks also give teachers the opportunity to participate in training and development sessions. Our University talks allow students from Gibraltar to understand the options available to them when leaving school. Our excellence awards support high achieving students to pursue their chosen subject at leading universities.

Our community programmes recognise the contribution the organisations and charities make to Gibraltar. Charities are supported through grants and chances to participate in mentoring, training and networking events. We support individuals working in Gibraltar to develop their expertise through professional development grants. We have also supported a number of community-based projects including a rehabilitation centre, a women’s refuge, a Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, and a new extension for St Martins special needs School. We have also helped to preserve and develop Gibraltar for the community through projects such as the rejuvenation of Europa Point and the Commonwealth park.

We will continue to play an active role in the community and will continually re-evaluate our work to see where there is a role for us to support and benefit the local community.